Fast Eddie's Roots

Fast Eddie's grass roots started in1994 when Mike Frentz (bassist) and Josh Thompson (lead guitar) had evolved their love of music into something people were wanting to hear. Along their travels & experiments with talented musicians, they started their journey towards what we now know as Fast Eddie. 
Jeremy Miller (drummer) a long time friend, had joined the band and had brought a well traveled rhythem section that consists of a rock, funk and a jazz based feel that will get you moving. Micah Simmons (Rhythem/lead guitar) brings years of experience as a skilled singer/songwriter and guitarist in both acoustic and electric music. You can also find Micah playing solo acoustic gigs at local venue's around Central Pa. Mike Zook (keys) has a warm sound that gets you spinnin' in your shoes and wanting more... Mike has many years of experience developing solid sound that keeps Fast Eddie on their toes. Last but not least, Marcy Thompson (vocals) had been a part of the band starting with promotional work and with a little coaxing, stepped up to the mic. to add that "extra something" that rounded out the sound of the band we all know and love today. 
In 1997 Fast Eddie put out their first experimental album called "Big Perm". After that they traveled around to local music festivals and venues in Pa. After fun-filled years of jamming and traveling, the band needed something more. In 2003 "Riding between the Lines" hit the shelves and spawned from the tunes that the band members had collaborated through the years. Things were going good and they had made a name for themselves. They kept the perverbial ball rolling and came out with "Riding a BANANA PEEL" in 2005 that incased some of their best work yet. 
After taking some time for personal transitions, they are ready to hit the pavement once again and bring a slightly diffrent feel to the next album. The band looks forward soon releasing yet another album that will bring a smile to your face...